Dr. Karen Tafreshi, D.C.

Dr. Tafreshi received her Bachelor of Science in Human Biology in April 1994. She has been a licensed practicing chiropractor since January 1995, graduating top in her class from the Southern California College of Chiropractic in Pico Rivera, California.

She was honored to represent her graduating class as their Valedictorian. Her ambition as a Doctor of Chiropractic is to treat the problems, not the symptoms through natural pathways, and without the use of prescription medications and unnecessary surgeries whenever possible.

Dr. Gregory Brown, D.C.

Dr. Gregory Brown, D.C.

Dr. Gregory Brown was born and raised in southern California, and has lived here his whole life. He presently resides in the beautiful beach city of Huntington Beach with his gorgeous wife.

He graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in San Jose, CA in 1997, and has been practicing the skills he acquired there for the last 17 years. What motivated him to pursue a career in Chiropractic was a natural form of healthcare without the use of prescription drugs. His main focus when treating patients is postural correction. He enjoys cooking, reading, music, and the beach during his free time.

Dr. Sean Ataee, M.D.

Dr. Sean Ataee,MD graduated with honors in 1990 after 8 years of medical schooling. He worked for 5 years as a general practitioner and emergency physician, allowing him to build a core understanding of diseases.

He did his surgical residency in the busiest parts of New York City which gave him a vast knowledge of surgical and emergency procedures. He was always thinking “out of the box” and wanted to become a “whole person doctor”, so he decided to pursue the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with the best at NYU.

He learned to treat all kinds of ailments from traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, sports injuries, to musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Always wanting to gain more knowledge and the ability to help more people, he also learned more about complimentary medicine, such as, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, and New Age Medicine. He believes that this holistic approach allows him to heal patients better and do no further harm to them.

Ke Yang, L.Ac.

Ke Yang, L.Ac.

Ke Yang graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is an M.D. in China, a licensed acupuncturist in California, and Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the United States. She is also an instructor at South Baylo University. With years of teaching and practice experience in both China and the United States, she loves her job and has a very strong passion for helping her patients get healthier and happier.

Jin Woo Park, L.Ac.

Jin Woo Park, L.Ac.

Jin Woo Park, LAc. graduated from South Baylo University in 2008 and he has been licensed and practicing Acupuncturist since September 2008.

During his 10 years of experience practicing Acupuncture, he has practiced alongside Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists. He has gained great insight into the naturopathic pathway of health for his patient through his work with each of these disciplines. He approaches and focuses on his patient’s health through healthy diets, herb tea, and exercising, along with the healing art of Acupuncture.

He established an Oriental Medicine Association where fellow acupuncturists are able to study, share and teach each other new information regarding their profession and passion.

In his spare time, Jin Woo loves to play soccer, cook, camp, and go to the movies.

Michelle Rhyner, NP

Michelle Rhyner NP, has several years of experience in Pain Management, Addiction Medicine, and Critical Care. She is originally from Wisconsin, and still a diehard Packers fan. She has lived in California a total of 6 years, 4 years in the Bay Area, and 2 years in Newport Beach.

When she isn’t caring for patients, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, doing yoga, traveling, reading, paddle boarding, and pretty much anything outdoors.

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