Explore our integrated healthcare approach at HEALTH ATLAST, now in Moorpark, CA, Oyster Bay, NY, Boonton, NJ, and Temecula, CA. Join us to transform lives and businesses with holistic care and collaborative solutions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the demand for integrated health solutions continues to grow. At HEALTH ATLAST, we are committed to pioneering a new era of healthcare delivery by offering comprehensive, patient-centered services that address the diverse needs of our communities. We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our network with the opening of four new clinics in:

Moorpark, CA
Oyster Bay, NY
Boonton, NJ
Temecula, CA 

     This expansion marks a significant milestone in our mission to transform the way healthcare is delivered across the nation.

Why Integrated Health Matters

     Integrated healthcare is more than just a buzzword; it’s a transformative approach to wellness that prioritizes collaboration, coordination, and holistic care. In an integrated health setting, patients have access to a wide range of services under one roof, including primary care, chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and more. By breaking down barriers and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, integrated health models like HEALTH ATLAST empower patients to take control of their health journey and achieve optimal outcomes.

The HEALTH ATLAST Difference

     What sets HEALTH ATLAST apart is our unique business model that streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and maximizes profitability for our partners. Our franchise model offers healthcare business owners and practitioners the opportunity to join a thriving network of like-minded professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality, patient-centered care. Whether you’re an established healthcare provider looking to expand your services or a new entrepreneur seeking a comprehensive solution, HEALTH ATLAST provides the support, resources, and guidance you need to succeed.

Success Stories: Transforming Lives, Empowering Communities

     The true measure of our success lies in the stories of those whose lives we’ve touched and transformed. From alleviating chronic pain to managing complex medical conditions, our integrated approach to healthcare has empowered countless individuals to reclaim their health and vitality. As we celebrate the opening of our new clinics, we invite you to discover the inspiring journeys of those who have found hope, healing, and renewed purpose through HEALTH ATLAST:

  • “The amount of training and resources and support that I’ve received throughout this entire process has been everything I’d hoped for… I’ve had nearly daily access and conversations with the HEALTH ATLAST executives who’ve helped me to form my entities, develop my purchase agreement, find my practice and make that acquisition. And having gone live last week, it’s been a tremendous success!” – Dr. Craig Batinger, D.C. | Boonton, NJ Franchisee (Video testimonials here.)
  • “It’s been second to none. I really appreciate it! The HEALTH ATLAST team, they really do what they have to do. Very impactful. One step at a time but you’ll get there.” – Marc Mungcal | Moorpark, CA Franchisee
  • “We’ve had the busiest day, patient visit wise, that I’ve had in I can’t remember how long. We sold seven packages, collected more money than we normally do… You guys know your stuff. That’s all there is to it. I am so thankful.” – Dr. Mark Banasika, D.C. | Temecula, CA Franchisee 
  • “Dr Hamilton has done a perfect job so far I was just measured and I am actually taller. The aches and pains of being an athlete are cured to an extent and I look forward to the chiropractic visits. No wait no fuss in and out quickly the staff is great… try this place out.” – M.B. | Patient
  • “Daphne and Adrian deserve a 10/10. Their friendly customer service is always first-class and not only are they attentive to your PT needs, but make you feel welcome. Same for Jiny (Love the addition of the health-boosting tea!). You almost feel like family. Again 10/10

    “The entire team is always friendly, welcoming, and attentive to your needs. I’ve had to go in for a back issue, and later an urgent issue with my ankle, and they were very accomodating, making time to see me immediately, working within my timelines, and doing their best to help me get back on my feet.

    “I would recommend this place to anyone who needs PT, recovery services, & Acupuncture.” – C.C | Patient
  • “I’ve been coming here since 2020 for low back, upper back, hip, and most recently neck pain. Every doctor and staff member here is incredibly patient and kind. I have always felt safe under their care. Times when I have come in with pain levels of 9-10, they have always treated me very gently and never forced any adjustments. The chiro team has pinpointed chronic issues more quickly than any other medical practitioner I’ve seen, and helped me understand my body and my pain and develop long term plans of care and pain management. Their acupuncturists and massage therapists are just as amazing. For massage, I have to recommend Keisha, although you can’t go wrong with any of the masseuses there. Jiny and Nicole helped me tremendously with acupuncture. I would like to highlight Drs. Stephanie, Wayne, Dr. Huth, and Dr. Hamilton on the chiro team. I can’t stress enough how amazing everyone at this office is. They have been a safe haven for me during some very dark times where my pain was unbearable and mobility almost nonexistent and I could never thank them enough.” – A.T. | Patient

Navigating the Path to Partnership

     For healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs interested in joining the Health Atlast family, we understand that the journey from concept to execution can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive roadmap to guide you every step of the way. From initial consultation and site selection to training, marketing support, and ongoing operational assistance, we are committed to providing the resources and expertise you need to thrive in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

Visit Us Today: Your Journey to Better Health Starts Here

     We invite you to visit our new clinics in Moorpark, CA, Oyster Bay, NY, Boonton, NJ, and Temecula, CA, and experience the HEALTH ATLAST difference firsthand. Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, exploring preventive care options, or interested in becoming a franchisee, our dedicated team is here to support you on your path to better health and business success.

     At HEALTH ATLAST, we believe that everyone deserves access to comprehensive, compassionate healthcare that empowers them to live their best life. Join us as we continue to redefine the future of healthcare, one community at a time.

     For more information about our services and franchise opportunities, visit us online at HealthAtlastUSA.com.

     Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to welcoming you to the HEALTH ATLAST family.