Dr. Nelson Santos, DC

Dr. Nelson Santos, DC, is one of two of the first Active Release Techniques, Level 2, and one of the first fully certified Providers in Los Angeles County, certified in the Upper Extremity, Spine, Lower Extremity, and Long Tract Nerve Entrapment, and has special studies in biomechanics analysis/correction. Now Dr. Santos is in Moorpark, CA.

“I enjoy helping people get relief from any discomfort(s), which I may be able to help within the scope of my license. I always try to improve my methods of treatment with advanced techniques and new methods of therapy within my scope of practice”.

Dr. Jimmy Meas, DC,

Dr.Jimmy Meas, DC earned a Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Southern California University of Health Sciences. “I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor after learning about the chiropractic adjustment and how it’s an effective way to help patients heal from pain,” he says. “Helping each patient with chronic pain find relief is memorable. I look forward to providing quality service for the community.”

Dr. Luca Minoli, CMT

Luca is a certified massage therapist who tailors every massage to individual needs. He is a graduate of the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program at the National Holistic Institute and has completed over 1400 hours of education.

His passion for massage is rooted in pain reduction and enhancing overall quality of life. Luca has extensive knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, orthopedic assessment, a wide breadth of injuries/pathologies and is able to use massage therapy to aid healing/management. His experience stretches over a multitude of modalities including sports massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Craniosacral therapy, deep tissue and Swedish massage. Luca is also studying for his NASM personal trainer certification, with a goal of combining exercise/conditioning with massage techniques to optimize overall health, performance, and recovery.

Luca works closely with NFL players and other pro athletes throughout the year. He has provided runners at the LA Marathon with post-event massages at the finish line. He also regularly works with child, teen and college-age athletes.

Luca has worked as a massage therapist in a physical therapy office, fitness/sports facility and spa setting. He is a firm believer that keeping your physical body healthy is essential to sustaining a healthy mind.

Dr. Vishal Thakral

is double board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine with a subspecialty in Musculoskeletal Sonography. Dr. Thakral specializes in musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries related to the joints and spine. Dr. Thakral’s medical interests include sports medicine utilizing musculoskeletal ultrasound-guided procedures to perform regenerative treatments for all joints including the hand, wrist, pelvis, shoulder, knee, hip, foot, ankle, and spine injuries.

After earning his medical degree from West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Thakral completed a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. U.S. News ranked John Hopkins as one of the top five hospitals in the nation. Following his residency, Dr. Thakral completed two fellowships focusing on orthobiologics integrating regenerative therapies in treating diverse orthopedic conditions.

Dr. Thakral’s mission is to ensure patients are on the correct path of treatment whether that be conservative options first or identifying the correct pain-generating source before needed surgery and the recovery that follows. Part of Dr. Thakral’s goal is to help patients understand all the available options for them to be star advocates for themselves and to take control of their health. He also serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Western University teaching aspiring physicians about interventional orthopedics.

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