Dr. Maria Guevara, M.D.

Dr. Guevara advocates a holistic approach to health and wellness. She trained in OB-GYN, then switched to nuclear medicine to pursue a career in imaging. During her fellowship at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, she took further training in anti-aging, and integrative medicine, and a whole new field opened for her, which she finds more fulfilling, seeing patients look and feel better. She uses her knowledge and skills along with all the latest technology to help her clients obtain the best results possible.

Dr. Adam Silver, D.O.

Dr. Silver has experience and training in both conventional and alternative approaches to pain management and musculoskeletal dysfunction and disease.

As an Osteopathically trained Physician, Dr. Silver has a keen understanding of physical anatomy and the biomechanics of the body. He’s an expert at using various manual medicine techniques including cranial osteopathy which supports his holistic approach to physical rehabilitation.

Dr. Bryce Matthews, D.C.

Dr. Bryce Matthews, DC is a Chiropractic Treating Director. He treats patients utilizing thorough examinations, x-rays, treatment through therapies and chiropractic servives in an integrated setting.

Sang Jo “Jenny” Bak, LAC

Jenny Bak, LAC Acupuncturist providing Acupuncture to patients for a variety of conditions. She uses acupuncture needles and treatments without needles to provide relief to patients and improved health.

Charles Nguyen, D.C

Being a physician with a dual doctorate (M.D., D.C.) background, it has provided me with the opportunity to provide a service that will differentiate me from other healthcare providers. My unique approach to the practice and delivery of healthcare is that I’ll comprehensively incorporate all of my knowledge that I’ve accumulated from both curriculum’s thereby allowing to perform a detailed investigation of every anatomical and physiological system of the human body to identify the system or process or that is in the state of DYS-EASE.

Once I’ve localized the abnormality, I can begin the process of normalization of these processes thereby allowing these naturally occurring processes to function at their optimal capacity without any physiological interruption or adverse stimuli. I personally believe that this is the ideal method to practice healthcare as it tends to satisfy the three components of any effective strategy. “Practical, Logical and Universal”

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